Itsme64's Texture Pack Fixer (JE)

Experincing issues with your Minecraft texture pack? We fix them in under 10 seconds!
NOT AVAILIBLE YET For right now just follow the manual tutorial.

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How We Work

This is how we fix your packs in just six steps!

Step 1

You upload your pack onto our webhosting server, selecting the problem(s) for our program to fix!

Step 2

To prevent errors your pack will be renamed randomly, and then decompressed to prepare for editing.

Step 3

Our system locates reads the options you selected and combines them to run your pack through a series of functions.

Step 4

Your pack now gets fixed by renaming various folders or files, and editing/correcting the pack.mcmeta file.

Step 5

Once the editing of your pack has finished completely, it will be rezipped and provided for you to download.

Step 6

Finally, to repect your privacy, all files are deleted within a maximum of 1 hour within uploading, and are not accessible to anyone!