Itsme64's Texture Pack Version Converter

Make any Minecraft texture pack work for every version!
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How We Work

This is how we convert your packs in just six steps!

Step 1

You upload your pack onto this website, and select it to be converted to any version you want.

Step 2

Your packs gets uploaded onto the websites server, where it will be randomly renamed and unzipped.

Step 3

Our system locates the pack.mcmeta file, which will be automatically edited to contain the pack format corresponding to the version you chose.

Step 4

If you are converting pack from versions before 1.13 to later versions or vice versa, our system renames hundreds of files in your pack as well.

Step 5

Once the editing of your pack has finished completely, it will be rezipped and provided for you to download.

Step 6

Finally, to repect your privacy, all files are deleted within a maximum of 1 hour within uploading, and are not accessible to anyone!