About Me

Hey there, guess what? I'm Itsme64! A small YouTuber from the Netherlands. I started making texture packs during the lockdown in 2020. Since then, I've helped others do the same by creating over 700 YouTube videos! My texture packs have gained just under 1,000,000 downloads globally, and I hope to help others share their creations as well :D

How We Work

This is how we convert your packs in just six steps!

Step 1

You upload your pack onto this website, and select it to be converted to any version you want.

Step 2

Your packs gets uploaded onto the websites server, where it will be randomly renamed and unzipped.

Step 3

Our system locates the pack.mcmeta file, which will be automatically edited to contain the pack format corresponding to the version you chose.

Step 4

If you are converting pack from versions before 1.13 to later versions or vice versa, our system renames about 312 files in your pack as well.

Step 5

Once the editing of your pack has finished completely, it will be rezipped and provided for you to download.

Step 6

Finally, to repect your privacy, all files are deleted within a maximum of 1 hour within uploading, and are not accessible to anyone!


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